Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments, but not infrequently it is something that is not easy for pregnant women to go through. Many factors cause pregnancy to be a pressure, some of which are due to hormones or the surrounding environment. The stress experienced by a mother during pregnancy can certainly have an impact on her womb and if left unchecked this can harm both the mother and the fetus.

As a husband or the closest family of pregnant women, you need to understand the characteristics of stress in pregnant women so that you can prevent pregnant women from this situation and maintain the condition of the mother and baby in the womb in a healthy and happy condition.

Characteristics of Stress in Pregnant Women

The mental condition of pregnant women is as important as their physical health. The reason is, unhealthy mental conditions can affect physical health and the fetus in the womb. What are the characteristics that indicate that pregnant women experience stress?

1. Often Crying

Hormonal changes in pregnancy can make pregnant women’s feelings more sensitive so that it becomes easy for them to cry to express their feelings. Even though this is usually something normal, husbands and those closest to them still need to accompany and make pregnant women feel more comfortable.

2. No Appetite

Appetite will usually increase over time during pregnancy. If there is a sudden decrease in appetite, this could be a sign that the pregnant woman is experiencing stress and needs to find out the cause. Lack of appetite can result in unfavorable health for the fetus, because the fetus requires adequate nutrition for growth and development. If the pregnant woman’s appetite does not improve, immediately take the pregnant woman to the doctor.

3. Don’t care about the health of the fetus

Accumulated stress can make pregnant women ignore the health of the fetus. Some things that can cause this include unwanted pregnancies or problems in marital relations. This must be overcome because if left unchecked it will hinder the development of the fetus and pose various risks, not only for the mother but also for the fetus.

4.   Mood Swing

The characteristics of stress in pregnant women can also be marked by drastic changes in mood or mood. Conditions of irritability or uncontrolled emotions that occur continuously can have negative consequences for the health of the fetus and the mother.

What Causes Stress in Pregnant Women?

If the wife shows signs of stress during pregnancy, it is important for the husband and those closest to her to look for causes of stress for pregnant women. By looking for the cause, it is hoped that stress can be handled better. It is better if the husband or the closest person does not give up easily and always supports pregnant women in facing difficult times in their pregnancy.

1. Excessive Fear of Pregnancy

Fear of pregnancy generally occurs in young mothers, which is characterized by fear of not being able to be a good parent for their child, fear of miscarriage, fear of taking care of the baby, and other excessive fears. This is normal to feel during pregnancy, but if this fear is excessive and makes pregnant women stressed, try to talk to pregnant women and provide positive support.

2. Financial Pressure

Financial pressure can be a cause of stress in pregnant women. Expenses for childbirth and child care that are not cheap can be a burden on the mind of the expectant mother.

3. Pressure from Closest Persons

Without realizing it, the closest people, such as friends, family, or neighbors, sometimes say or do things that can stress pregnant women. Maybe these words or actions are not deliberately intended to hurt a pregnant woman, but can still make her feel depressed, such as comments about her body shape, imperfect stomach shape, food consumed, and so on. Positive support and affirmations need to be given to expectant mothers every day so they don’t fall into a stressful state.

4. Hormones

Hormonal changes are also the cause of the appearance of stress characteristics in pregnant women. These hormonal changes can make pregnant women more sensitive, so they feel offended, easily angry, or cry easily.


How to Cope with Stress while Pregnant

To deal with stress so that it doesn’t have a worse impact on both the mother and the baby, good stress management is needed so that stress doesn’t dissolve and lead to depression. Here are some ways that pregnant women and their families can try to relieve stress during pregnancy:


1. Make the Atmosphere More Relaxed

A relaxed atmosphere can make the mind more calm and serene. Of course, this is a condition that every mother needs as a way to deal with stress during pregnancy. You can install aromatherapy in the house or put on your favorite music to make your mood better.

2. Consult with a doctor

The characteristics of stress in pregnant women can be consulted with a doctor, especially if it has been going on for a long time or when stress levels are getting worse day by day. The goal is of course that the health of the fetus and mother can be maintained properly.

3. Sports

Do sports that can calm the mind such as pilates, yoga, or a leisurely walk in the morning. Doing exercise not only makes the body healthier, but also helps pregnant women forget for a moment the stress they are experiencing.

4. Do a Favorite Activity

You can invite pregnant women to do activities they like, starting with hobbies or activities that have never been done. To maintain emotional stability, you can also bring pregnant women regularly to have their condition checked at the hospital.