The harmless weighing scale has become the sworn enemy of millennials. Skinny shaming much like fat shaming has become a norm. According to the Center For Diseases Control (CDC), adults between the ages of 20 to 39 are the most vulnerable to being underweight, with every 2 in 30 adults falling in the very category.

As research has shown over the years gaining weight is not all that simple. Eating junk food for every meal doesn’t help in healthy weight gain. The accompanying psychological impact that follows a significant gain in weight can also serve as a discouraging factor.

Blogs, magazines, and articles are crowded with advice on how to stay skinny. Marking a departure from the set precedent this article enlists credible causes for gaining weight fast and the all natural and holistic methods one can follow towards this end.

reasons to gain weight

Reasons To Gain Weight Fast

Gaining or losing weight is an arduous journey that can get exhausting at times, you might feel like giving up. No two months are the same, you might gain your desired weight only to lose it the next. All such negative side effects might make you reconsider your goal to gain weight. However, for every one negative aspect that comes to your mind recall all the positive reasons for gaining weight that has been listed below.

  • The hot and sweltering days of summer are here knocking at our doors. Schools out and people have their getaways planned. Whether you plan on going away to tan on a sunny beach or spend your weekends lazing by the pool the swimsuits cannot be avoided. Instead of feeling self-conscious and skipping the pool days you can start your holistic diet now and gain the required amount of weight.
  • Summer is also the season of frilly and fun summer dresses. Wearing jeans or trousers is not only uncomfortable but is also generally frowned upon. If people have mercilessly teased you in the past about your skinny arms and hips it’s time to bulk up.  Meticulously, following a natural and side-effects-free diet will help you in gaining weight, freeing you from the compulsions of having to cover up.
  • Body Fat enriches you with a youthful appearance and keeps your skin supple and moisturized. Being underweight can cause premature aging, like wrinkles, laugh lines, crows feet, thereby adding unlived years to your face. Combined with the sunny glare of summers wrinkles would be hard to fight off. Having extra fat on reserve helps your skin to fight off the aggravated signs of aging in summer.
  • Lack of a proper diet can cause severe vitamin deficiency in the human body, especially Vitamin D. Osteoporosis is a medical condition found in many underweight individuals, it turns bone brittle. Not getting enough vitamins in your diet makes it harder for your body to fight off pathogens. Weakening the immune system and making it more susceptible to infection and prolonged illness in the long run. Simply soaking up Vitamin D from the sun this summer won’t be enough for your bones.
  • Eating more to gain weight is medically known to improve digestion. Incorporating more fatty foods in your diet gives your gut the fodder it needs to work smoother. Flatulence and acidity are side effects of a bad diet and being underweight.
  • Being underweight messes up your body to such an extent that it causes hormonal imbalances. Women stop menstruating their bodies do not regulate or produce hormones that are needed to perform normal bodily functions. Gaining weight helps you counter hormonal imbalances.

Natural Methods of Gaining Weight Fast

Gaining weight can be just as daunting as losing it. The journey won’t be easy but it can be fast. You have to keep in mind that gaining fast does not mean compromising with your body. Start your weight gain journey with natural and holistic methods, like the ones listed below, that does not harm the natural constitution of your body.

  •  Train and not Exercise-To maintain a healthy muscle mass one should train and not exercise. The exercise involves burning calories and does not aid in weight gain or muscle build up. Training, on the other hand, is targeted towards specific goals, so one can train for building up muscles without losing body mass.
  • Proteins are the way to go-Consume 0.75 g of protein for every pound you weigh. Protein is very essential for those trying to build muscles and gain weight. Lean meats like chicken and fish are good and healthy options, going for a steak once in a while will also aid in the quick muscle build up.
  •  Keep your Calorie intake Consistent-Find out the exact amount of calories your body needs every day to maintain a particular weight. Then increase your caloric intake by 15% from there. Adding high-calorie food like olive oil, peanuts, avocados, whole milk, chocolates, organic protein powders, avoiding sugar-free food can help you gain faster.
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No Fat-Free Stuff-Avoid anything that contains the word ‘Fat Free’ like poison. You are trying to gain weight in a fast and safe manner and fat-free items are your enemy. Your body needs all the extra sustenance it can get without you overfeeding yourself every day. Fatty foods like whole fat yogurt, ice cream, white bread et al will be your best friends in this journey.

Risks of Focusing On Fast Results

 The human body in its peculiarity tries its best to maintain homeostasis, whereby it attempts to balance the caloric intake of an individual. Hence even if you consciously try to eat a certain amount of calories every day at breakfast you might end up eating less by cutting back on your lunch or dinner. The reason behind this is your brain which constantly tries to send signals to your body of being ‘Full’, making any further consumption harder.

Often times people trying to gain weight find it harder to maintain the weight they have gained. An experiment carried out at Vermont State Prison in the 1960s found that prisoners who had managed to gain weight lost all of it within six months of gaining it. The reason for this might be a high metabolic rate. While that can be a blessing for most it is a curse for people who are trying to gain weight. For their body simply does not store fat no matter how many calories they consume over how long. Their bodies keep finding sneaky ways to maintain homeostasis.

What deserves just as much attention as the physical attributes of a fast weight gain are the psychological attributes. Gaining weight has psychological attributes especially for those who have suffered from eating disorders in the past. If you find yourself thinking negatively of your body, cutting back on your calories, or feeling subconscious in a public space, you must seek professional help. This is just a glitch in your journey and not the end of it, you can get back to it with proper guidance and counseling.

On A Hopeful Note

What you need to remember when you start your holistic journey towards weight gain is that you are a person, not a number. There will be days when you will gain your desired weight and days when you won’t gain any. Do not be discouraged, remember why you started out in the first place.