Lemon water does not help you lose weight, but it has many other health benefits. Meet the main ones!

The lemon water recipe has fallen into the routine of many people, because of the various promises it brought with it.

Some say it helps with weight loss; others, that it leaves skin younger and immunity like never before. In addition, the question is: water with lemon to lose weight, myth or truth?

Unfortunately, the lemon water miracle is a myth. In fact, there are no studies that prove any type of efficiency of water with lemon and, what’s more: it can even be harmful to health, if we don’t take certain precautions, especially when ingested on an empty stomach.

Receiving acidic foods such as lemon, especially on an empty stomach, can aggravate diseases such as gastritis and ulcers, due to the formation of lesions on the stomach walls.

And there are still several recipes, with different flavors and mixing many elements, which are part of the myth. For example: is it true that lemon with warm water makes you lose weight? Neither!

What happens is the feeling of satiety, but it’s caused by the warm water – not the lemon water combination.

Lemon water, warm lemon water, lemon and ginger water, these are all myths. But this does not mean that it does not have any benefits for the body.

The efficiency of the ingredients

Of course, ingesting lemon water denotes some result, but this happens due to a specific ingredient: water. It is she who makes your intestines and kidneys work well and improve, because, at a certain age, they begin to present some problems.

About detoxification, it also has to do with water, because, when ingested several times during the day, it detoxifies and prevents the onset of diseases, improving the function of the whole body.

Calm down: lemon also has its benefit. It is a great source of vitamin C, which helps with immunity, acts as an antioxidant and prevents aging.

What is lemon water used for?

As we have seen, there are many myths surrounding this combination, but the ingredients are powerful and, together, can bring benefits:

1. Improves the immune system

Lemon contains vitamin C, which enhances our body’s defense.

2. Helps in blood pressure control

Lemon also contains potassium, which helps keep blood pressure lower.

3. Improves iron absorption

Vitamin C in lemon, together with foods that have iron, increase the absorption of the mineral by up to 4 times, helping to prevent and treat anemia, which comes from the absence of iron.

4. Improves the intestine

Ingesting water improves the functioning of the intestine, remembering that lemon does not interfere with anything, besides the taste.

5. Improves skin and prevents aging

Lemon, because it has a high concentration of vitamin C, favors the production of collagen and antioxidants, preventing the signs of aging.

6. Feeling of satiety

If what you want is to reduce your diet, drinking water with lemon helps reduce hunger, and, moreover, lemon guarantees good nutrition for the body, through the minerals and vitamins that make it up.

What really generates results

The benefits of lemon and water are proven, individually. However, lemon water is not able to perform the long-awaited miracle of weight loss.

Use the drink and its advantages to enhance weight loss, knowing that, alone, it cannot generate results.

Any physical activity can already help in your weight loss: the practice of exercises is, in fact, essential.

If you’re still sedentary , that’s fine, look for an activity that’s pleasurable, try starting running or riding a bike – until you find something you really like to do. Thus, it is easier to burn calories, helping with healthy weight loss.

Taking care of food is also important and necessary. Consult a nutritionist, make a plan, eat the foods necessary to nourish your body in a healthy way, so that you can follow your routine with health and disposition.