How to gain weight in a healthy way?

Well, first, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that it is essential to seek a medical opinion at this time. Contrary to what many people think, thin people can also have health problems.

Therefore, periods of excessive thinness can indicate hormonal dysregulation and worrisome mental and physical conditions. Therefore, seek your doctor for further examinations.

Then consider seeking a nutritionist’s opinion on how to gain weight . The reality is that tips will always exist, but which ones best suit your metabolism, body type and lifestyle? That only a professional can tell.

And if you think that nutritionists are only responsible for helping you lose weight, you are very wrong. They can also help you and understand how to gain weight the right way.

Furthermore, a good way to know whether or not your weight is adequate for your height is by calculating your BMI. According to the Ministry of Health portal, the BMI (body mass index) is a good indicator to let you know if your weight indicates worrying or excessive thinness.

To calculate, just divide the weight by the height squared, in exact numbers. If the result is between 16 and 18.5, you may fall into alarming thinness rates. However, with a BMI between 18.5 and 35, the index indicates a healthy weight.

Learn 7 tips to gain weight healthily

From here some tips on how to gain weight will seem more obvious, like increasing daily meals and intake of good fats. However, they all hide a good reason to be included in this list.

Eat more times a day with quality

Yeah, eating more often a day will make you fat naturally. You don’t have to stuff yourself with food or go beyond personal limits when eating your meals. However, try to avoid going long periods without eating and bet on “real” foods, that is, non-processed foods.

Sleep properly

Deregulated sleep can make you have oscillations in weight gain. And this type of process is nothing more than a set of different actions that encompass multiple areas of our health. With the sleep factor, it’s no different. Therefore, sleeping 07 to 08 hours can help.

Perform physical exercises

You thought that performing physical exercises was not a good way to gain weight , did you? Well, she was wrong. Especially because, when we talk about healthy weight gain, we are consequently talking about lean muscle mass gain.

This type of body modification will make you gain weight, but not fat, which to me are completely different things.

Eat more protein

In fact, some foods are preferred when we talk about how to gain weight . Among them, we can mention foods rich in proteins . This type of food component is present in beans, chickpeas, eggs, meat and many other foods.

Therefore, value the consumption of meat in your diet, but remember to prepare it grilled, boiled or roasted – no frying. Also, sources of good fats like chestnuts, almonds, nuts and olive oil can also be a good help at this time.

But attention, it is not necessary to consume this type of food in an excessive way, but in an adequate way. According to the nutritionist  “The impression that if you increase your intake indiscriminately you will have an increase in muscle mass is false”.

How to gain weight: Avoid heavy foods

Eating heavy and greasy food like fast food, pizza, snacks and others will not help you gain weight , especially in a healthy way.

On the contrary, it can damage your health and prevent you from achieving the body result you so desire. Therefore, nothing to be stuffed with quick and usually fried options. Opt for homemade food.

“There is no point in consuming more food indiscriminately: thin people can also have high cholesterol levels. Eat a diet that provides proper nutrients to promote healthy weight gain,” she says.

Understanding your body is the key to learning how to gain weight.

It’s not a question of health, but of biotype and metabolism. Therefore, as much as you want to gain weight, try to understand that your body can do this more slowly. The important thing is to be patient and go through this process in a calm and healthy way, both for the body and for the mind.

Seek medical help

Complementing the tip above: seek medical help. Only health professionals who are experts in how to gain weight will be able to teach you the best way to gain a few pounds. They will help design special, balanced, healthy diets that are compatible with your body. In addition, it is possible to carry out previous tests to find out if the weight below the usual is motivated by some physical or emotional health problem, a diagnosis that facilitates the process of gaining weight.