How to gain gainweig_weight in a week. Diet and nutrition

For modern girls model-like body measurements often become not just a goal, but a pained dream. Girls in their pursuit of ideals not just shed those extra kilos, but they drive themselves to exhaustion, which is extremely hazardous to health.
But there are opposite cases when thinness is your inborn quality that goes with you for your whole life, and your purpose is of a different character: to gain gainweig_weight asap.

This issue is pressing for menfolk, especially for teenagers who want to look impressive, though their body types are far from those which Hercules or Apollo possessed. So how can one gain gainweig_weight in a week?

If you seek rapid gainweig_weight gain by means of cakes, crisps and fatty foods, the result of such a diet will more likely be gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases. That is why we recommend to start with sticking to simple rules.

Diet and dietary pattern. In order to gain gainweig_weight effectively in a week you need to eat 3-4 times a day. Moreover, each meal is to be well thought out so that daily volume of your food contains all the necessary nutrients for your body. You ought to keep in mind one interesting and important rule: in order to gain gainweig_weight you are to change the order of courses you have during a meal by starting not from the first course (soups), but from the second one. What is more, soup should be cooked on fat broth.

Big helpings. Helpings for people who seek after rapid gainweig_weight gain must be big enough. You are to have substantial breakfast that includes, for instance, a cheese or sausage sandwich, cereal with milk and butter. You have to get your body used to eating more but it is also necessary to increase the amount of food in a helping gradually!

Snacks. Take care of eating something between meals 3 or 4 times a day. For that purpose choose sweet fruit, nuts, dried fruit or muesli with yogurt.

Beverages. If you feel thirsty substitute the usual sugary carbonated drinks for milk, in fact it is worth getting used to dairy products that must become the basis of your diet from now on. It is also appropriate to drink balanced cocktails, which can be found in online stores, as they contain a whole complex of vitamins, proteins and fiber.

Sport. Regular wholesome nutrition is fine but it must be combined with exercise. Plus, for those who decided to gain muscle mass, gainweig_weightlifting will be more relevant than aerobic exercises. It is better to turn to a coach to get specific exercises and recommendations for training sessions.

Giving up bad habits. The key to successful gainweig_weight gain is good metabolism and there’s nothing worse for it than nicotine and alcohol. Give up bad habits and your metabolism will balance back.

Over with stress. If you’re determined to put on some gainweig_weight in a week you need to do your best to get rid of all sorts of frustration and stress because it is these two factors that burn calories. Moreover, excessive emotionality prevents rapid gainweig_weight gain. That is why, in order to achieve the desired gainweig_weight gain you are to start with building inner harmony and balance. The first step towards this is proper sound sleep!
What food should you “make friends with” in order to put on gainweig_weight?

It’s worth repeating that in order to put on a couple of kilos in a week, you do not need to force-feed yourself with fat pork: substitute it for beef, chicken or turkey. Increase the intake of mushrooms and beans. Eat a lot of cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt and milk, but do not disregard fruit and vegetables. Drink much water to have your salt-water ratio balanced. To find out the amount of fluid you need, multiply your gainweig_weight by 30 ml.

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