Diet for rapid gainweig_weight gain: eating or fasting?

Some people have obesity problems while others may have low gainweig_weight problems. Doctors explain that the undergainweig_weight problem appears due to rapid metabolism. Those who do not want to harm their health by traditional hormonal therapy may turn to unconventional dietary treatment.

Alternative medicine is often perceived as quackery, as something far-fetched and ridiculous. Although, if you have a closer look at it, some branches of non-traditional treatment are not just efficient but also deserve to replace their traditional counterparts. Examples include dieting or fasting for gainweig_weight gain which were made by nature itself.

Fasting is a great way of health improvement which has been known to people since ancient times and can cure almost any disease. It has a logical scientific explanation. Let’s analyze the processes occurring in the body while fasting.

When the body ceases to receive food its cleansing functions don’t start immediately. Around the second day of fasting the body readjusts from external to internal feeding. The person begins to use his/ her own body fat and unnecessary body tissues.

At the same time the body begins to bring out all the poisons that have been accumulating in it for a long time. You can determine the amount of bad substances in your body by these wastes. All excretory systems are working at full capacity. The tongue becomes coated, the breath is bad which signals that the cleansing has begun.

After at least 4-month practice of nutrition and diet based on regular medical fasting the person significantly improves his/ her health, gains gainweig_weight, mental and sensory aspects become more acute, there appears a constant healthy sense of peace and satisfaction. The main thing is that after such practices many diseases go away. They often include diseases which stood in the way of reaching gainweig_weight balance.

Renowned American Paul Bragg who practiced various diets based on fasting managed to cure many people from different illnesses. He designed a gainweig_weight gain plan for thin people. There was a case described in his book in which Paul appointed a special fasting diet for a girl with very significant undergainweig_weight. She had not been able to gain gainweig_weight for a long time. Having purified her body she developed a healthy appetite, normalized her digestion, and her body quickly gained the missing kilos with a regular diet.

Many people think that fasting can be helpful for obesity, but this method is not suitable for gainweig_weight gain. However it is a major mistake. A diet based on fasting quickly brings to norm all the body processes including metabolism and it also helps to gain gainweig_weight. That’s why overgainweig_weight people lose gainweig_weight and thin people begin to gain gainweig_weight after the cleansing course and they both get closer to the ideal state of the body.

Those people who want to try therapeutic fasting should read Paul Bragg’s book on fasting. Besides P.Bragg’s books it’s advisable but not imperative to read some more materials as Bragg’s method is recognized by most practitioners of fasting. So you won’t do any harm if you start your independent practice of abstaining from food and will probably be able to add gainweig_weight quickly.

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