Diet and Nutrition for Gaining Weight

It is clear that your decision to put on gainweig_weight is prompted by different reasons and if you have no specific medical contraindications the most proper way to begin is with making a balanced diet for gaining gainweig_weight.

Most people know how to put on gainweig_weight by eating sweets and unhealthy food but this is not the result you strive for.

First of all you need to find out your desirable gainweig_weight. The most widespread method is subtracting 100 from your height. The difference is considered to be your ideal gainweig_weight. Nevertheless many people say that the number you get is higher than expected so the most important thing is how you feel with particular gainweig_weight.

You should keep in mind that putting on gainweig_weight is a gradual and rather long process but taking into consideration the recommendations you will not only gain gainweig_weight but you will be able to do it in the safest way for yourself. No matter whether you are a man or a woman, a teenager or a grown up. It is important how many calories you receive with food now. Divide their number by your gainweig_weight and you will see how many calories support every kilo of your body.

Consequently you need to add more calories to your daily norm taking into account one or two kilograms you wish to gain. When making your diet this indicator should be reconsidered every month based on what you have gained.

The menu for people who want to bulk out should contain all necessary carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and elements for the body. To put on gainweig_weight fast you should eat not less then 250 grams of meat or fish daily. It should be veel, chicken or seafish not a fatty pork steak. The menu presupposes 5 meals a day. It does not mean that your daily norm will be almost doubled, it only means that what you used to have in three meals will be divided into five parts.

It’s better to have smaller portions but eat more often

In the internet you can find meal plans and various diets for sportsmen, schoolchildren and even soldiers. You can use them as well as they are considered to be most well-balanced and nourishing. Don’t forget that you should drink besides eating. The best drinks for you include juice, melt or filtered water, fruit drinks, kvass.

Note that milk is more a food than a drink so it is not the best way to quench your thirst with. You should have yoghurts regularly but try to choose not the ones from the store but home-made yoghurts. Ideally buy a yoghurt-maker.

Food supplements and vitamins are important for gaining muscle but you should consult your doctor about their usage.

An example of a daily menu which will help you to put on gainweig_weight quickly:
– Breakfast: cornflakes or oatmeal, an apple and a cup of cocoa with milk.
– Lunch: meat broth with an egg, yogurt, a glass of fruit drink, juice or water.
– Dinner: rich soup for the first course, salad with sour-cream, rice with butter, fish or meat (250 gr), a glass of juice, fruit drink or kvass.
– Afternoon snack: cocoa with milk, biscuits (3-4).
– Supper: cheese and butter sandwich, milk porridge, fruit, candied fruit, a glass of juice or other fruit drink.

The last meal of the day should be had two hours before going to bed/ If you had your meal earlier eat two apples before sleep. Regular eating before going to bed may cause cardiovascular diseases.

Last months of diet-planning are going to be the most challenging as you should slow down the process which means keeping your shape without putting on excess gainweig_weight. Gaining gainweig_weight may go on under its own inertia; in this case it’s better to consult a specialist about your diet for stabilizing the achieved result.

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